Two current hounds, Marigny (Howlin’s Passionate Kisses MXP AJP CGC) and Ursuline (Howlin’s Crescent City), are from the first litter – a litter of 9, in 2007. Also kept, was a brother from that litter, Ezra (Howlin’s Jambalaya Onda Bayou), who was a strikingly handsome, perfect little boy.


Marigny, Ursuline and Ezra’s dam is Lucy (CH Windfern’s Howlin’ Lucinda) and sire is Sully (Erinwood Sully’s Third Watch). Lucy was named after Lucinda Williams, a Louisiana-native folk singer, and the litter’s registered names are songs recorded and sung by Lucinda Williams.


Marigny has 11 points in AKC conformation, a CGC title and holds NAP, NJP, OAP, OJP, AXP, AJP, MXP and now MJP titles in agility. She loves competing in AKC agility and is the only Irish Wolfhound to ever receive a title in Masters Standard Agility. In 2014 she was invited to the AKC Agility Invitational, competed and had a clean run for a perfect 100 score. She was also invited to the 2015 AKC Agility Invitational. Her personality is very strong, intense, fearless and focused, yet tender and gentle other times.


Ursuline trained in AKC agility and has run in UKI trials. Ursy is a happy, silly, sweet and free-spirited girl. She loves certain aspects of agility, like the table and other obstacles, but doesn’t have the same competitive drive of her sister Marigny, which is fine.


When all nine pups were in the yard playing, Ezra often stayed back, watched and assessed what was happening. More than anything, he watched Risha. Only two girls were planned to be kept from this litter, but Ezra had other ideas. He picked his parents, Dave & Risha, and for that, they are so grateful. Every moment with him was a joy.