As mentioned on other pages, much research was done before deciding upon Zoe Bradstreet as the breeder for their first Wolfhound. In August of 1996, Maeve (Windfern’s Maeve Aine Faelan) was the one. Maeve was red, gentle and sweet. She was trained in small increments of time, several times a day because Dave was home with her while he was pursuing a graduate degree. There are only two things she was ever scolded for – chewing up some clothing (a few times) and digging up a plant and scattering the dirt all over the living room (twice). Other than those two things, she was never in trouble. 


The first animal Maeve encountered when she was headed home to NOLA with Dave and Risha was a tiny kitten, only a few days old, which belonged to a friend. Maeve nosed the kitten and was gentle, just being happy to be near it for quite a while. As she grew up it was obvious she loved cats. Cats mesmerized her and she wanted to be near them, but the feeling was never mutual. Late one afternoon in the Bywater in New Orleans, they were walking (always on leash) and stopped to talk with a friend. The friend’s cat walked under Maeve and to the front of the house, completely unaware of Maeve. The humans were all motionless. When the cat noticed Maeve and vice versa, both cat and dog jumped straight up in the air – then the cat ran and Maeve wanted to chase; it was the closest she’d ever been to a cat since she was a puppy.


Maeve lived with two older Yorkies, Echo and Vivian. After losing one, and having thought about it for a while, it was decided that adding another Wolfhound was the direction to be taken. Maeve was just over 2 yrs old when we brought her mother, Scarlett, home. Scarlett was truly a vibrant red Wolfhound and rather set in her ways, being an older girl. She and Maeve were happy to be reunited and the bond was close. Scarlett lived to be 9.5 years old.