Lucy (CH Windfern’s Howlin’ Lucinda), a lovely red-wheaten girl, was named after Lucinda Williams, a somewhat gravelly voiced soulful Louisiana-native folk singer. Lucy was the 3rd Irish Wolfhound Dave & Risha acquired from Zoe Bradstreet’s Windfern Kennel in Houston, TX. After knowing perfection in Maeve, their first from Zoe, they waited for what seemed an eternity for another pup. At 10 weeks Lucy came home to New Orleans. Maeve would not acknowledge her for quite a while, always turning her head the other direction when Lucy was near. Probably the feeling of betrayal finally gave way to acceptance and they became close. Not long after, Lilagh was added to the pack.


Lucy was the fastest girl ever and smooth like butter as an adolescent. She loved to run – had the muscles of a racing greyhound, beautiful soft eyes with dark “eyeliner”, tiny rosed ears and a soft expression. As a small pup, she was into everything and had a tantrum nightly at 8pm where she ran through the house terrorizing all in her wake. It is something that’s laughable now. 


On a trip to Ireland in 2002 Dave and Risha met John and Kathleen Kelly at their 350 acre farm in Ballyboughal, Ireland. A few months later Lilagh (Lilagh of Nutstown) a shiny black-coated girl, daughter of Blackie and Macushla was Lucy’s “sister” and her best friend. They loved to run; Lucy in front, Lilagh always chasing her.


Later in 2007 due to an unforeseen issue from the emergency C-section when her pups were 4 months old, Lucy passed away. Poor Lilagh was lost without her and wanted nothing to do with being a surrogate mom of sorts to Lucy’s pups, though it turned out to be that way. Lilagh passed in 2013 at nearly 11 years old, on the 1 year birthday of Dauphine, Hubig and Erin.