Dauphine, Hubig & Erin are from the 2012 litter out of Reigning Dragon of CuRuaMor (Dragon)Howlin’s Passionate Kisses MXP MJP CGC (Marigny). They are named for New Orleans bakery and pastries; Praline, King Cake and Beignet. Mirliton is the little red-brindle sister who was lost at birth.



CH Howlin’s Praline RN NAP OJP CGC (Dauphine) was solid black and very shiny when born, with the smallest white accents on her chest and tail, and coat like a beautiful little seal pup. She was the loudest one when nursing.

Her achievements include: AKC Champion out of Bred By in 2015; AKC Agility titles of NJP, OJP, AJP, and NAP; Rally titles of RN, RA and a CGC title. In 2016 and 2017 she received invitations for the AKC Agility Invitational to compete with the top 5 dogs of each breed. In 2016, Dauphine received a Versatility Certificate from the parent club, the IWCA. Fewer than 40 Irish Wolfhounds have received this award.

Dauphine took a little time off from competing to have a lovely litter of 5 puppies in April, 2017.




CH Howlin’s King Cake BN RE AJP CGC (Hubig) was born a red-wheaten with wide brindling, like huge tiger stripes. He has always liked to lie flat with his hips open on the bed, tail dragging down, in a pose referred to as “Butterfly Tiger Shrimp”. His father, Dragon, also loved lying in this position. Hubig is gentle and sweet, with a propensity to become whiny when he’s tired, and any other time it suits him. We joke that he is the least obedient Obedience hound we have.

His achievements include: AKC Champion out of Bred By in 2016; AKC Agility titles of NJP, OJP, and AJP; Rally titles of RN, RA, RE, an Obedience title of BN, and a CGC title. Currently he is focused on agility, obedience, and scent work. In 2017, Hubig received a Versatility Certificate from the IWCA, our parent club. Fewer than 40 Irish Wolfhounds have received this award.





Howlin’s Beignet (Erin) was born a red-brindle also, like Hubig, however, she had stripes that were a little smaller and closer together. Erin was the most gentle puppy who loved to listen to New Orleans Jazz and Gospel music, howling along with it. We often sang to her in the whelping box and when walking around the house. 

Erin is happy and lives with a few French Bulldogs in her loving home and has a wonderful yard of several fenced acres on which to play and explore. We visit Erin as often as possible, and all get together at Irish Fest in Milwaukee each August to let others experience the silly, loving, gentle nature of IW’s.