Howlin’ Wolfhounds is the kennel name of David and Risha Berzins.


Their journey into loving Irish Wolfhounds began in 1996. At that time they lived in New Orleans, wanted to add another dog to their home with two Yorkies and decided it would be a Wolfhound. They drove to Dallas, TX, to see their friends, Ann & Dick, who rescue Irish Wolfhounds. Maggie, one of their hounds, greeted them and promptly lay across Dave’s lap for 2 hours. They were completely hooked on the breed.


After months of research on breeders and their hounds, meeting and speaking with everyone they could, in August of 1996 they brought home their first little hound, Maeve, a red-wheaten girl from Windfern Kennels in Houston, TX. Maeve was careful and gentle, bonding quickly with the Yorkies, though it took a while for the Yorkies to bond with Maeve.


They received much guidance from Zoe Bradstreet, their breeder, and their friends in New Orleans, who always seemed to have no less than 4 Wolfhounds roaming around their house.


Maeve was the perfect little girl and set the stage for them being “owned” by Irish Wolfhounds for (hopefully) the remainder of their lives. Neither of them can imagine not having one, two, or more with them at all times. When they got Maeve, they had no idea that she would change their lives forever, shape who they would grow into and what they love to do with their time.


In 2003 they moved to Milwaukee, WI, with 3 Wolfhounds and a Yorkie. They enjoy competing in AKC Agility, Conformation and Rally with the dogs. Each year since 2004 they have been honored to be invited to share their hounds and knowledge with festival-goers at Irish Fest Milwaukee and the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Milwaukee. Their main interest is the breed; it’s health, happiness, and longevity. They are members of several local, national, and international breed clubs, and their local all breed club. They ensure training, socialization, exercise, enrichment, quality food, proper healthcare and love for their dogs.