Our journey into loving Irish Wolfhounds began in 1996, while living in New Orleans, LA. After months of research on breeders and hounds, in August of 1996 we brought home our first little hound, Maeve, a red-wheaten girl. We had no idea that she would change our lives forever, shape who we would grow into and what we love to do with our time. We hope to be “owned” by Irish Wolfhounds for the remainder of our lives. 


In 2003 we moved to Milwaukee, WI. Each year since then we have been honored to be invited to share our hounds and knowledge with festival-goers at Irish Fest and the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Our hounds enjoy training and competing in AKC Agility, Conformation, Rally, Obedience and Scent Work. We strive to better the breed, its health and longevity. We health test all our dogs and litters and attend Specialties and seminars in order to further our education about the breed.


We are active members of US, European, and regional Irish Wolfhound clubs and of local All-Breed dog clubs.


Thank you for your interest in our hounds.


           -Dave & Risha Berzins


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